PC Client


SwC Windows Client

  • By downloading and installing our client you affirm you are at least 18 years of age and in compliance with the regulations of your jurisdiction:
  • To recover the krill from your old SealsWithClubs account, open the client, click “Forgot Password,” and enter your email to request a “reset code.”
  • Once requested, SwC will email you a code. ¬†Ship it along to the “Forgot Password” area of the PC Client to recover your old SealsWithClubs username & it’s krill.
  • Didn’t get the email? Even after checking the spam folder? Ok then send a mail to: resend@swcpoker.eu [hackers gonna hack]
  • If you had multiple accounts connected to the same email, only the account with the highest krill will be reset via the code system
  • To recover other accounts please email support@swcpoker.eu